Hoonar- The Creative Club


Hoonar- The Creative Club of Bunts Sangha’s S.M. Shetty College of Science, Commerce and Management Studies, Powai, is an initiative to make the college environment more creative and interesting!. Hoonar allows students with a shared interest in art to gather and create art. Through the workshops and competitions, students explore different kinds of media such as paint, clay, flowers, threads and many more. These art projects provide platforms for them to enhance their creativity and self-expression, and to gain a greater understanding of concepts and ideas in art. To nurture an interest in art Hoonar aims to develop creativity and self-expression, to foster a love and appreciation for art.


The club aims at developing analytical thinking and conceptual learning amongst the learners by hosting a number of activities.

List of Members

  • Asst. Prof Avneet Kaur(In-charge)
  • Asst. Prof Prachi Agrawal
  • Asst. Prof Preeti Matharu