Health Club


Maintenance of physical and mental health is an important parameter for the survival of the human being and also for the construction of a healthy nation. To serve the above purpose a health club is functioning in the college. It aims to give necessary health awareness to the students. The main responsibility of the Community Health Club is to take the initiative in creating awareness among the people regarding the major health hazards, the courses of many of the fatal diseases and their preventive measures.


The objective of Health club is to develop sensitivity among students in particular and the community in general regarding health and nutrition, awareness and maintenance of a healthy life style. To create awareness about the health status of the members of the staff and students in the campus. To promote awareness about food safety.

List of Members

  • Asst. Prof. Himani Shukla Varia (In-charge)
  • Asst.Prof Vinay Vilas Shahapurkar (Member)
  • Asst.Prof Prachi Agarwal (Member)