Cultural Committee


Everyone is gifted with some talent which must be discovered and nurtured. The Cultural Committee of Bunts Sangha’s S.M. Shetty College of Science Commerce and Management Studies Powai, strives hard to bring to light the hidden talents of students by giving them plenty of opportunities to showcase their talents. The Cultural Committee strongly believes that a student’s overall development involves activities beyond the curriculum and therefore offers the students with a platform to showcase their flairs through organizing various events like 'Emmorzeal’, ‘Talent Hunt’, 'Navratri Day'. This year we organized Inter-collegiate Online Event Lockdown Diaries to encourage and motivate students during pandemic lockdown situation. ‘Talent Hunt’ is our Intra-collegiate festival, which takes place in the month of July. It motivates students to come out of their shells and participate in various events. The events of the four-day festival range from Singing, Dancing, and Theatre to Literary Arts and Fine Arts. Talent Hunt helps in boosting their morale. ‘Emmorzeal’-‘Expressions with more Zeal’ is the biggest event under the Cultural Committee. It is the Annual Inter-collegiate Festival, which witnesses participation from colleges along the length and breadth of Mumbai. The two-day festival offers a wide range of events from Performing Arts, Literary Events, IT, Sports, Special Events, Informal events to Fine Arts and Management Events with a special theme adding extra sparks to the program each year. Emmorzeal proves to be a great opportunity for students who wish to showcase their extravagant talents. The committee offers professional training and support to the students to take part in Youth Festival organized by University of Mumbai. Our students have won many laurels in Inter-collegiate, University, State, National and Inter-national levels in the past.


  • The Committee’s motive is ‘Discovering, Recognizing, Encouraging and Supporting students' potential talents’.

List of Members

  • Ms. Steffi Salve
  • Ms. Sujata Rizal Kotian
  • Mr. Ashish Navik
  • Ms. Preeti Matharu