There is a registered Alumni Association that contributes significantly to the development of the institution through financial and/or other support services.

The Alumni Association was registered on 3rd November, 2018, via registration No.  201L G.B.B.S.D. No.2472/2018 under Registration of Societies Act 1960. All graduating students are eligible to become members. As of 2021, the alumni association has 1980 registered members. The goal of the alumni association is to leverage the network and skills of our graduate students for the benefit of our current students and overall development of the college. Accordingly, the association organizes interactions with Alumni on various topics and avenues which contributes significantly to the development of the institution through support activities.

The current Alumni Core Committee includes the following Alumni members:

  1. Mr. Armond D’costa - President (B.M.S)
  2. Mr. Javed Khan - Vice President (B.M.S)
  3. Ms. Pooja Shetty - Secretary (B.Sc.IT)
  4. Mr. Bhagyaraj Salvi - Treasurer (B.B.I)
  5. Ms. Jasjyot Kaur - Joint Secretary (B.Com)
  6. Mr. Chandan Gupta - General Secretary (B.A.F.)
  7. Mr. Hasan Qureshi – P.R.O. (B.M.S)
  8. Mr. Harikrishnan Pillai - Executive Chairman (BMS)
  9. Ms. Shreya Poojari - Additional General Secretary (BMM)

Our Alumni Actively involved in the following areas:

Sr. No.

Alumni engagement and contribution to  college activity

No. of Alumni Participated from Year 2017 - 2022

No. of events


Interaction with faculty and students




Engagement in cultural and co-curricular activities




Engagement in sports activities




Engagement in career guidance




Engagement in skill development




Decision Making Bodies

Alumni are represented in the College Development Committee and the IQAC of the college.

Members of the Alumni Association have regular interactions with the Principal, the management, and the staff members regarding the overall development of the college. They give valuable feedback and suggestions on various aspects of the college.


Feedback on curriculum and teaching

Alumni feedback on curriculum and teaching methodology is taken regularly and their input is evaluated and suggestions are incorporated wherever plausible.

Financial contribution from Alumni. An amount of Rs. 2,51,974/- is deposited in the Alumni account as part of contribution by Alumni. Also a cheque of Rs 31,363/- was collected by the Alumni and given to a Alumni undergoing medical emergency.

Placement, Career Guidance, Internship assistance

Alumni are invited by various departments to share their experience and knowledge. It helps the current students understand about the industry expectations and career opportunities. These interactions help students get an idea of future prospects of a particular course and helps them decide on their specialization.

The Alumni are proactive in providing internship and placement opportunities for the current students.  They extended information on such openings for our students and also actively share any lead for recruitment from our college.

Skill Development

Alumni engage in interaction with the students provides the much needed Industry interface. They periodically share their professional and entrepreneurial experiences with the students. Each department invites their Alumni to share knowledge and expertise. During the two years of  

Lockdown the Alumni incorporated online media to extend their services to the college.  They take up topics related to their area of expertise. Some of the skill sharing topics undertaken are: Personality Development, Personal Grooming, Community based startup, Financial literacy, Graphic designing etc.

Sports and Cultural Participation and Assistance

Our Alumni have excelled in various extracurricular activities and always come back to contribute to their Alma-mater by providing guidance, training and support in organizing and judging various sports and cultural activities of the college. The Alumni who have been a part of the college NSS have come back to help organize the NSS camp and also contribute to the blood donation drive.

Annual Alumni Meet

The biggest event of the association is the Annual Alumni Meet – ‘Nostalumus’ which brings the members together on one platform. The event sees a host of cultural activities and experience sharing between alumni and faculty. It is a rich platform for building lasting relationships.

Alumni Meet Year




No. of Alumni Participation




Our Alumni has contributed monetarily towards funding the fees of underprivileged students.


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