Facilities For Disabled Student


The institution, its procedures and its campus has facilities for making the environment friendly for students with different types of physical and learning disability.

  1. Special quota is allotted for candidates having physical/ learning disabilities. This is in accordance to University of Mumbai circular Enrol./Elg./Admission/(2021-22/388 of 2021) and as per circular no. Special Cell/2/2008 dated 25th January, 2008.
  2. The registrar of the college personally attends the queries of disabled students. The contact number and email id for any assistance for disabled student:
    Ph: 022- 61327363
    e-mail: college@smshettyinstitute.org
  3. The institution provides required facilities like enlarged print, extra time, writer facility to the students appearing for examination during term-end examination as per the University of Mumbai Circular no. DBoEE/ICC/2021-22/16 (Point no. 25) for online examinations.
  4. The institution has the following physical facilities for making the environment comfortable for disabled students:
    • Ramps are provided near staircases at all entries of the institution on the ground floor.
    • Railings on staircase at college entrance
    • Institution has provision of wheel chair for students having physical disabilities
    • The institution has four lifts. Two lifts are with capacity of 5 persons is operational till 6th floor. Another two lifts with 10 persons are operational till the top most floor (9th Floor).
    • The lifts are operated by liftmen in each lift during the working hours of the institution.
    • Special disable – friendly washroom is provided on the 7th floor near the large lift.
    • The classroom are well illuminated and ventilated for comfort of these students
    • Teachers are provided with mic facility if required by these students.
    • Special rest room provision is in the campus in boys and girls common room.
  5. The institution has medical centre with full time medical professional and helpers
  6. The institution has counselling centre with a dedicated counsellor for college section.