Student Council



The Students’ Council is the consortium of the representatives of each class formed for the purpose of:- Representing college at various forums. - For maintaining discipline. - Organizing events for the welfare and development of the students. - Assisting the college authorities in smooth functioning of the college. The students’ Council comprises the Principal as head of the council, faculty members and students representatives from each class (under each department). Students’ council members help in organizing and managing the events held under respective committees. They provide the ideas and suggestions for conducting the events and participate in decision making.

List of Members

  • Dr. Sridhara Shetty - Chairman
  • Mr. Sandesha Shetty - Convenor/ Incharge
  • Ms. Rohini Shetty
  • Mr. Mithilesh Chauhan
  • Ms. Avneet Kaur
  • Ms. Raveena Shetty