Maths Club


Maths Club” was formed by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in the year 2016 by Prof. (Mrs.) Suman Upadhyay under the guidance of the Principal Dr. Sridhara Shetty. The club aims at developing analytical thinking and conceptual learning amongst the learners by hosting a number of activities. The activities are conducted and managed by the students giving them insights about team work, leadership which are essential in the longer run of life. The annual inter-collegiate event of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics: “Mathemania” is organized by this club. Along with, capsule activity, movie screening, quiz competitions: online as well as offline, sudoku competitions, fun activities namely: snakes and ladders, housie, treasure hunt, relay race and more are conducted by the club.

List of Members

  • Prof. Suman Upadhyay
  • Prof. Vasanti Todkar