Management Association


The Management Association is an initiative of Department of Management Studies. It is a platform through which students develop managerial skills by organizing and participating in various interactive events. Students also inculcate the right attitude, learn inter-personal skills and gain confidence; this helps in developing their personality and making them Corporate ready.


The Management association aims at the following:

  • To organise various activities, workshops, certificate courses, etc for the benefit of students.
  • To develop professional, managerial and leadership skills of students by involving them in the organisation and participation of various events
  • To promote research activities in the field of management among faculty and students
  • To develop inter - personal skills and overall personality of students to make them Corporate ready.

List of Members

  • Prof. Nidhi Chandorkar (In - charge)
  • Prof. CA. Zainab Rangwala
  • Prof. Steffi Salve
  • Prof. Ashish Navik
  • Prof. Preeti Matharu
  • Prof. Adv. Hamid Khan