Accounts Association

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Every bit of money that comes and goes from a business needs to be tracked and accounted for. By adequately recording this information and then studying it, accountants can determine the longevity of a business, financial forecasts and the overall business performance. Are you paying your clients on time? Could you find better deals on some of your products? Is there money being wasted on a third party when the tasks could be done in house for cheaper? It’s not enough to just run a business and “hope” that it’s successful. It takes a lot of time and efforts to understand the basic cash flow and how to improve functionality and efficiency.

The Accounts Association of the college gives more practical and effective learning for the subject of Accounts. For this we have several activities one of them is FINMON- the inter collegiate event and guest lecturers from industry experts for the students to understand the practical aspects of the subject. The guest lecturers so far include CA Sheel Bhanushali, Mr. Jaishank, CFO& Director of Sykes and Ray Edupro etc.